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About Virginia

"I met Virginia when my son was a sophomore in high school. He had struggled through school since kindergarten, and was very, very discouraged about school. I was very concerned he might not graduate from high school. Virginia's skills, education, and experiences make her uniquely qualified to work with students. My son is now about to graduate from high school with good grades and is looking forward to college. I can't say enough about what Virginia has done for my son."

Julie Edwards, Portrait Photographer

"Virginia comes from contribution and passion for helping children and their families. She helped me address my sons challenges and get him on track. She also advised me on how to work with my son's school to him the extra resources he needed. She is awesome and amazing and a true resource."

Rachell L., Alpine, Ca

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Ms. Ruehrwein grew up in a suburb of Boston with her parents and five siblings. She was a primary caretaker for her two younger brothers and saw them through their entire school experience, giving her the lifelong motivation to become an educator and college entrance expert. 

For her study at Providence College, Ms. Ruehrwein wanted to learn to help all students, so she took on a double major of regular and special education. Also knowing that she wanted to one day own her own business in the field while raising a family, she minored in business studies.

After college, Ms. Ruehrwein worked in leadership positions in small businesses. After these intense and rewarding experiences, she became a teacher. Her love and passion for teaching was clear, but her desire to get to know her students on an emotional level and to help them to deal with difficulties in school and other circumstances they might face was paramount. With the goal of helping all students to become hopeful for the future in mind, Ms. Ruehrwein went back to school for a Master of Education in Risk and Resilience Counseling. 

Committed to her younger brothers, Ms. Ruehrwein applied for her graduate degree program in the fall that they turned 18 and were to graduate high school in the spring. She entered the program with hope and zest, and it was met by the unique challenges that students in urban schools face. This is when Ms. Ruehrwein knew that she had found her true calling: being equipped to reach all students, helping them to build the hope and motivation they need to become academically successful, and ultimately to be admitted to the colleges of their choice and realize their dreams for the future. 

For more than 18 years, Ms. Ruehrwein has been a Teacher, Counselor, Advocate, and most notably, Director of College Preparation Programs for a consortium of three schools. 

Currently, Ms. Ruehrwein is thrilled to live in her dream city of San Diego for nine years. She has a loving husband and child whom she is able to care for part time while also caring for the children of others through her chosen field of education.

Cell: 619.933.0817