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"I recommended Virginia to my adult son, who was looking to go back to college and finish his degree. Virginia was able to not only guide him through the admissions process but use her contacts to "tell his story" to gain a favorable response to his application. She is extremely knowledgable of all aspects of the education process, from tutoring through test taking and financial aid. It was wonderful to have a such a great resource." - Carolyn Konecki, Personal Lines Manager at Cavignac & Associates

The SAT and ACT are currently being considered as up to 50% of a decision for admission. Studying early and hard must be a priority. Your children have worked hard for years in school. Don't let them throw that away by neglecting to study for one test! You as parents are kept abreast of the process step-by-step during standardized test prep, creating the list of colleges for application, and throughout the entire admissions process.

I have a proven success record helping students to be admitted to their colleges of their choice, putting them in a position to achieve not only their educational goals but career and life goals as well. My passion and commitment to helping students gain college entrance and prepare for the future is unsurpassed in the field.

Preparing for college can be a daunting process, not only for students, but for parents as well. I will guide your child through the process step by step, based first on individual strengths in school performance and SAT or ACT scores. With eight years of experience directing a college preparation program, I know what California colleges and universities, as well as those all over the country, are looking for in your child's application. Each student will create an individualized timeline with me in our first meeting. I can help your child with his or her current classwork as a tutor, as all grades are considered on the college application, even those from second semester of senior year which are reviewed to secure acceptance after admission. 

Personal statements are required by many higher education institutions. As an expert writer, based on your child's subject of choice, I will be sure that key elements that admissions committees are looking for are incorporated. 

Finally, I create personal relationships with your children throughout the process, getting to know them quite well and commonly writing recommendations for them. Recommendations are always based on a student's personal strengths, and in turn, they strengthen your child's application.

Preparing for College

If your child has not taken the appropriate tests I can prepare him or her to do so. I provide individualized tutoring with cutting-edge SAT and ACT software. I am currently the only tutor in San Diego offering this opportunity! 

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