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Virginia Kerrigan Ruehrwein, M.ED. 

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Total Student and Family Support for Educational Achievement and College Entrance

"When it comes to kids, Virginia has what parents need: commitment and follow through. She helps students access their inner motivation to reach both short and long term goals. Virginia helps parents get their kids through school and into college. The format changes with each student depending on their individual needs. It could be homework, a test, a college application, or securing a scholarship. What's really happening is Virginia is mentoring, teaching, and helping students work through obstacles to be as successful as possible. She has a huge background in education and real life experiences that make her unique and effective." - Stephanie West, Go West Design

Preparing for College

Personal, one-to-one tutoring with the right person is the best way to keep a child on track in school in any subject at any grade level. The key is focusing first on his or her strengths, both across the school curriculum and in any given subject(s) that your child may be struggling with. 

​Helping create confidence for each student to do well based on past successes and helping him or her to access the inner motivation that each of us has may seem like a challenge. Be assured that I have been able to create positive relationships with a wide array of students with differing attitudes, motivation levels, life experiences, personality styles, histories of school difficulties, and more. After consulting with parents and building rapport with a student, a very natural process, each session is planned with an agenda in mind. Utilizing school resources as well as those I have amassed over the years, I figure out the best way for your child to learn, and I teach them that way. It really is that simple! I have taught students in elementary school reading, writing, and arithmetic, helped middle school students in countless ways such as getting that “A” on their first research paper, all the way to assisting high school students to succeed in higher level subjects and exceed expectations on standardized tests. My talent for working with students has been my stroke of luck in life, with my degrees in education and counseling filling in the gaps.

At the first signs of any difficulties in school, getting a personal tutor is your best course of action to address them and get your child on the right track.

Tutor & College entrance coaching